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May 04 2015

World Phosphate resources are controlled by several countries

April 25, 2015-America-It is indeed that most of the world phosphate storage has been controlled in the hands of the few countries which are China, Morocco, the United States and Russia. As the introduction of famous Sodium Hexametaphosphate supplier phosphatelq.com, those countries possess 70 percent of total world reserves of phosphate.

As early as March 2004, the United States and Morocco signed a free trade agreement which includes the sale of phosphate ore. In 2008, Moroccan exports to the US for about $ 65 million worth fertilizer. Although the United States is one of the largest phosphate ore reserves country, its production ability for phosphate fertilizer also has very obviously dropped during the past 25 years. China Disodium Phosphate supplier phosphatelq.com said that the contract with Morocco could help America better protect their future fertilizer and food supply.

For some limited resources such as oil, we can find its substitutes. However, there is not substitute for phosphate. Now, the possible way for produce the phosphate should be the recovery and recycling. For example, the Mavinic technology could help to recycle the phosphate. Rough estimate, if all of the sewage treatment plants in China use Mavinic technology, then, the production of fertilizer will be sufficient to meet 10% of domestic demand. However, this technology could not be compared with the stool as animal waste contains about five times amount of phosphate than human feces. If people could extract the phosphate in animal manure, it will play huge economic and social effects.

However, all of these technologies will take time to realize. When the new technology has been applied, the time will pass for about several decades and the world might have been caught in the dilemma of food and fertilizer lacking.

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